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Road Commissioners

Originally in 1919, the Hillsdale County Road Commission was governed by a three member board that was appointed by the county board to a six year term.  The Road Commissioners changed from appointed to elected in 1994, where one road commissioner was elected every two years to a six year term.  In January 2023,  the three member board was expanded to five membersThe road commissioners are elected at large, which means there are no districts.  This board also acts as the Hillsdale County Parks Commission.


The Road Commission Board sets policies and approves several financial and contractual documents such as, budgets, contracts for road and bridge construction, payroll, bills, etc.  They also are in charge of appointing the Manager who directs the road commission on their behalf.  


The Road Commission board meets every second and fourth Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. of each month.


Our current commissioners are: Bob Godfrey, Mike Parney, Gary Leininger, Mark Kline, and Kathy Schmitt.


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Township Assignments

Bob Godfrey - Wheatland, Pittsford, Jefferson, and Ransom

Gary Leininger - Camden, Woodbridge, Amboy, and Wright

Mike Parney - Litchfield, Allen, and Reading

Mark Kline - Somerset, Adams, Hillsdale, and Cambria

Kathy Schmitt - Fayette, Scipio, and Moscow

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