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Permit Department

The Hillsdale County Road Commission offers a wide range of permits and forms.  You can obtain these permits or forms by any of the following methods:


1.  Stop by the Road Commission office

2.  Click the appropriate link below, print, complete, and bring into the office

3.  Click the appropriate link below, complete the form, and email.

As of 11/26/2018, we are live on Oxcart for transportation permits only.  If you are applying for any type of transportation permit, please do so by clicking the following link and following the appropriate steps.  For your convenience, Oxcart accepts all major credit cards.  


Permit & Inspection Fees

Rules, Standards, and Procedures for Driveways within Road Right-of-Way

Driveway and/or Right of Way Permit

Standard Tree Form


Direct all questions and concerns to:


Karen Winchell

Phone:  (517) 437-4458

Fax:  (517) 437-0048


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