Snow Removal

 **PLEASE READ:  MDOT warns motorists and private plows of winter hazards!**

CRAM PRESS RELEASE – Avoid Second Shovel

Shovel A

Helpful Guide to Clearing Driveway to Avoid Plow Truck Filling it Back In!

Plowing Driveway Out


Crews work diligently to get the roads clear during storm events.  Sometimes we don’t get the roads cleared as quickly as we would like, due to mechanical failures, heavy winds, stranded and deserted vehicles stuck in the roadways amongst other things.   Please take caution when choosing to travel during such snow storms.

Here are some photos and videos of what our drivers endure while making the roads safe for travel.

Waldron Road drifted north of Squawfield Road

County plow widening the roadway

Video:  County Plow Truck Clearing Snow on a Primary Road

Video:  Following Behind County Plow Truck

Video:  View from inside County Plow Truck – Snow Removal

Video:  View from inside County Plow Truck – Snow Coming off Front Blade 

Video:  View from Inside County Plow Truck – Deep Snow Drift