09.21.2017 ¬†–


Jonesville Road Bridge Update

First off, we want to apologize for the inconvenience this closure has been on the traveling motorists. Please know that this decision was in the best interest of everyone. The structure had failed and was no longer safe enough to support traffic. We did not want it completely collapsing and injuring someone or worse yet. We are getting much closer to construction. Unfortunately, when we are dealing with a structure of this size, it is not a quick and easy fix. There are surveys, permits, DEQ requirements, and the actual building of the structure that must take place before any work begins on the site. The structure itself takes 12-16 weeks from the time the order was placed (if everything goes right). Pilings were delivered last week. We are working on scheduling the crane needed in the construction process. We are hoping to start seeing construction in the next few weeks, but please continue to be patient as there are several variables that will affect the time line. Once again, we apologize greatly for the inconvenience and so greatly appreciate your patience and understanding!